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Full Version: Screensaver development
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Noob here -
Expert programmer, but need some sort of 'thread to pull on' in order to develop a new screen saver.
Have looked at both the Git repositories as well as brief search of the forum, but haven't figured out where an example screensaver might be.
Currently use the picture slideshow screensaver, so if I can find the source to that one, would be happy enough to start.

Any pointers would be appreciated (even things like "you're an idiot - here's the link to where you should start")

Thanks in advance.
above link for python, if you want to develop in c++ see e.g. https://github.com/notspiff/screensaver.stars
I made a new wiki page for developers.


Pretty simple right now with the above examples, but if anyone wants to write some docs or tutorials that would be great Smile
Thanks all! At least this gives me something to start with. Appreciate the quick responses.

Btw, either Python or C++ works for me, so I'll take a look at both.