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Full Version: Menu customizations disappeared
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I turned on one of my Windows 10 machines with Kodi today and found that Transparency has lost all my custom menus, and changes to the normal menus. It looks like the skin may have reset to default values.

Are you aware of any reason why this might happen, and any way I can restore my configuration?
Quote:and any way I can restore my configuration?
That depends. Have you made a backup recently of your kodi data folder?
Kodi does not create backups automagically.

Are you sure that the rest of your addons are legit? We've already seen that legit addons are being deleted as a whole by other less legal addons.
No, I don't have anything dodgy installed. I used that machine to watch the news while having breakfast, brought it out of sleep after work and the menu was reverted to default.
No configuration change of any kind was made. It's been stable for several years.

I guess if no-one else has experienced this, I'll just have to set everything up again...