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Code tags are being stripped from posts when they are previewed or posted-then-edited (may only be on "complex" posts with lists?)

Try this text: https://pastebin.com/raw/fX2kgu63

It has several [code] tags in the "notes" section towards the bottom.

Paste the text into a new post, then click the "Preview Post" button, and notice how all the [code] tags are stripped from the text in the reply box, leaving a single [*]where the closing code tag would have been.

<hr> tags are also being dropped after preview or when editing a post.

Before "Preview Post":

After "Preview Post" - code and hr tags missing, contents of code tag now garbled:
Content of [code] tags is not using a monospace font:
Mobile View- The General Support icon does not show new posts...

Possibly related to the forum being locked?

Regarding the <code> and <hr> tags that are being obliterated during an edit, the problem occurs when <code> and <hr> tags appear within a <list>: simple example

Paste the example text into a new post, click "Preview Post" and the resulting text in the edit box will be unrecognisable from what you had previously entered. Although the actual preview may appear correct, when you click "Post" the posted message will look nothing like the preview due to the subsequent mangling which users may not have noticed.

Even if you don't preview the text and post it directly (which should therefore look as expected), when subsequently editing the post (either Quick or Full edit) the text will again be mangled, and your edited post will look nothing like your unmangled original post.

I'd say this is quite a severe bug...
I'm not sure if it matters considering that reputation might get replaced with post "likes", but I noticed an odd quirk with user reputation where the value shown under the username is 1 higher than when you click through on the reputation. Completely minor bug, but it does seem very odd nonetheless.


On the left is the value shown in my posts. On the right is the value shown when I click on my reputation.

EDIT: Ok. I just saw my reputation go down to 238. Also I'm pretty sure it was at 240 a few days ago. Does reputation get removed if a user is banned or a maybe a post gets binned or something? Also I can see the mismatch on reputation for Milhouse just above me - his rep says 675 but clicking it says 674.
Really minor either way, but still something odd seems to be going on...
(2017-10-15, 20:26)Milhouse Wrote: [ -> ]Content of [code] tags is not using a monospace font:

Fixed (after next css cache update)!

Investigating the missing tags problem after preview.
On the main top layer pages clicking the larger diamond icons marks the individual forums as read. But if you do the same on the smaller icons (e.g. the individual OS support forums under General Support) it marks them as read, but it also opens the sub-forum itself.

Is it possible to split this so that the small diamond icon marks the sub-forum as read, but clicking on the sub-forum name itself goes to that sub-forum (same as the old forum/skin used to do)?

Just a minor one, but it's a handy way to mark stuff as read quickly when it works.
No indication that PM has arrived
I'm not seeing any icon on the header when I have unread PMs. Old forum used to do that, and I am missing it.  Of course it could be related to the issues I have with the way that header looks for me

It appears that the font size used for links is slightly smaller than the surrounding text.

Take this example:

This is some text blah blah blah
This is some text blah blah blah

Both lines should be the same length but the link is shorter because the font is smaller.

Can the same font size be used for links and normal text? It's difficult enough reading pale blue links on a white background without reducing the size of the font as well! Smile
can you please make the text black in search / new / today's posts? it hurts my eyes. thanks (
heheh, working on it. We don't want you guys to go blind... ;-)

Need to update my home test setup so I can confidently change/test code on templates without screwing the (live) forum. So much stuff is hardcoded that it's not even fun. Like the freaking link color(s) inside post_body mentioned above your post by @Milhouse.
btw, we haven't t talked much... Everything OK?

Thanks, the font used for links is now not smaller. It's now actually a little bigger than regular text (links now appear to be in bold) but I'll take that - I'm sure there's still more cosmetic changes and improvements planned so I don't want to waste your time bikeshedding bold/non-bold as this improvement will do for now. Many thanks!
(2017-10-09, 00:51)hoppel118 Wrote: [ -> ]I use tapatalk for round about 10 to 15 forums. With tapatalk it‘s possible to see all the latest posts of threads and subforums I am subscribed to.
No need to switch between mobile sites via web browser. Everything I need to know is simply there.
This is my use case for tapatalk.

This is for me exactly the same ... with no Tapatalk support I tend to loose the advantage in looking at one spot.
Please reintegrate Tapatalk again when possible!
(2017-10-15, 12:52)DaveBlake Wrote: [ -> ]
(2017-10-15, 12:04)bilgepump Wrote: [ -> ]
(2017-10-15, 10:36)Kib Wrote: [ -> ]Because of the sheer volume of mail we send out some providers are not accepting mails from our server occasionally. I see a few free providers showing a status of "Deferred".
It wasn't like that previously, and mine is just a normal ISP, not a free provider.  (I'm not overly bothered by it, just thought you'd like to know)
Normal ISP do the same thing. All ISP have heuristics to filter out spam, and perfectly innocent servers can end up on blacklists for a while. At one point a major UK based ISP was blocking all emails out of South Africa! Inconvenient, but a normal feature of the internet.

This was definitely not a problem previously. And for example, today (Wednesday lunchtime in Europe) I'm receiving emails for posts made last Sunday evening...

It would be great if you could take another look at this please. Does the new server require some type of renewed whitelisting for emails or something? I don't know, I'm only speculating.
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