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Full Version: TheMealDB Recipe Add-on
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This Add-on lets you browse dozens of Meal recipes. It also includes a screensaver to display random Meals. 
Powered by: http://www.themealdb.com


Official Kodi Repo Status
Available https://kodi.tv/addon/screensaver/themealdb

Zip Download


Just load the Add-on and you should be able to browse the Recipes by Category, Location and ingredient as well as basic search.
Just press the Context menu button to see the options for the recipe
Or browse into the recipe using the enter key
Click left and right to scroll through the ingredients
You can also set the Add-on up as a standard Kodi Screensaver

Q: How do you Add recipes?
A: For now you can post them here with a nice image and I will add them. Auto Submission is coming on the website soon.
Now available on the official repo.

I will try to do a demo video soon.
- Updated with a few code suggestions and to the new language settings for Krypton
- Updated the Add-on to work with HTTPS links
- Added new Recipes for Jamaica
- Added new Recipes for Canada (damn you guys are unhealthy lol)
- Added new Recipes for France