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Full Version: Font improvements in Estuary
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I use a EPG provider, which rates movies with "stars". In Arial based font there exists a full and an empty star as symbol. I can see these star symbols in EPG if I setup"Arial based" in Kodi skin setting. If I use Estuary font, I only see a rectangle.

Please can you add these two symbols to the font in Estuary/Estouchy as well?
I hope, the author(s) did know what I mean. I'll upload a screenshot to show what I want.
(2017-10-22, 19:24)nexusle Wrote: [ -> ]I hope, the author(s) did know what I mean. I'll upload a screenshot to show what I want.

With Estuary Font


With Arial based font

I forgot to say: I mean the PVR part
Sent in a PR for this here
Very great! Thanks!!!

It seems, there is a error in your improvements. Had your changes tested on Windows and it looks different:

How it should look:


How it look with your changes:

Looks like the stars are actually reversed, however my change added two characters (black star & white star) that were not present in the font correctly mapped to their unicode spaces. I checked the Arial font and it's mapping is the same for these characters.

Do you happen to know where the info is being pulled from? If I have access to the source of that review it might give me some more insight.
It seems they are pushed one position forward or rewind. If they were inverted, then we would see the black stars. But we only see the white star.

The Info goes this way:

KissCon (EPG Converter for german TV magazine) -> Xepg (formatted to show rating in stars in EPG description) -> DVBViewer -> DVBViewer PVR Addon.

If you want, we could make a TeamViewer session to my Mac and you can see
Actually, they are being displayed on top of eachother Smile

Found the solution, will be submitting a proper fix asap.
Any news for this?

Edit: Ah I had seen, that your improvements are being pushed... But seems always wrong (pics in next post)
Actual state (wrong):




I think, it would be better, to send me the two fonts per PM before pushing it on GitHub, so I can see, if it's wrong or right.
fix: 13060 (PR)
Now it's right! Thanks! :-)