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Full Version: skin description on Kodi website
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Not sure if I should post this here, feel free to move if not.

I noticed that on my new skin's add-on page on the Kodi website, the description defaults to the German description Shocked

Am I right to assume this is because of the german string being listed first in my addon.xml? I always assumed it would pick English by default. Is this intended?
Might be en_GB vs. en_gb issue
Aahhh... That could very well explain it yeah. I had no idea, cheers.
Not sure if Kodi itself has this same issue with case sensitivity.
@Martijn: should all languages in addon.xml be small letters?
Ie. all should be changed to en_gb / da_dk instead of en_GB / da_DK?

I have been wondering about the skin description at the wiki for a long time being in bulgarian, but didn't know this could be the reason (changed it manually a while back).

Lot's to change here then. Smile
I think officially it's en_GB

Some one should check kodi code to see what it expects. The rest can be made case insensitive
I see, thanks.

I'll wait changing anything for now.