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Full Version: Samsung Dex "Full Screen Mode" support on roadmap?
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Looks like there's lot of other priorities, but wondering if support for the Samsung Dex's larger windows/full-screen mode is on the roadmap?

It seems to be a relatively straight-forward change:

Standard multiwindowing on Android is on the list.
If you want a preview, you can try spmc 17alpha.

We don't plan to support any vendor extension, though
(2017-10-18, 08:33)Koying Wrote: [ -> ]Standard multiwindowing on Android is on the list.
If you want a preview, you can try spmc 17alpha.

We don't plan to support any vendor extension, though

Still no support for Samsung Dex ? I really wish it was supported.
AFAIK it's being worked on
Samsung is way to cheap as they only wanted to give some device on borrow to work on it with nothing in return. At least one part of Samsung was.
... and unfortunately, the other part couldn't find the budget, either, so no dex to work on Sad

PS to be clear, there is no way the foundation will spend 1000€ for this
We are not a mutli-billions earning company, you know Wink
Freeform windowed mode isn't exclusive to DeX, as Chrome OS has it, Huawei desktop, Razor Project Linda also along with many other products too.

All you need to do, is remove the window decor overrides to restore the titlebar functionality,
and add something like the following to the manifest - Samsung provides a better way, but this adds compatibility with all Android desktop devices:
Quote:<activity android:name=".MyActivity">     <layout android:defaultHeight="9999dp"           android:defaultWidth="9999dp"           android:minHeight="450dp"           android:minWidth="300dp" /> </activity>

(Official Android developer page guide: https://developer.android.com/guide/topi...ml#running )
And thats it!!!

You can test multi-window on pretty much any modern Android handset to see how it adapts to sudden window size changes, this is something that will improve Kodi for mobile users too, if they wish to watch Kodi whilst doing something else.

*Side notes:
Also to fix the problem with the app pausing on window focus loss (on any device running multi-window mode not just desktops), you just need to replace the lines of code 'onPause' & 'onResume' with 'onStop' & 'onStart' respectively.
here is Samsungs alternative way to force full screen mode:
Quote:<!--fullscreen window--> <meta-data android:name="com.samsung.android.dex.launchwidth" android:value="0" /> <meta-data android:name="com.samsung.android.dex.launchheight" android:value="0" />
I've read this guide and it doesn't seem to be musch of work.
Android goes to Desktops setp by step, thus such kind of options were included in its core.
So, all modern apps should follow these trends specialy if there is already prepared piece of code.
I hope KODI Team will take a chance and will deploy that functionality soon.
Kodi is a community project and not limited to team members, so please feel free to work on this, since we don't really have an Android maintainer atm
This is an interesting conf about porting droid apps to ChromeBooks +  windowed mode: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v6QH89i4YCI
High-level presentation of what has to be done takes 30 minutes (from about 8:00 to 38:00)

So yeah, a tad more complicated than changing 3 values in the Manifest.
The additional stuff that they are talking about is not essential for Kodi (although it can improve the UX).
The window size issue is the one limitation for DeX users.
Keyboard input works fine on DeX at the moment though mouse input could cause the app to not respond correctly to keypresses after moving the mouse around the UI (when I last used Kodi).

I don't personally use Kodi anymore, but I know that many of the DeX community do, and I want to provide them with a good experience.

Here is a video summarising the areas to integrate desktop support for Android desktop in less than 3 minutes.
It would be great if we could get this working...
if a simple app like Dex Max can do this by just modifying manifest file, I guess to add proper multi window support to Kodi should not be much of a problem...
Also soon, with Android Pie support, Samsung adds Dex capability without the hardware, just the phone and USB type-C to HDMI cable...
so from there on, no additional budget required, just the phone and a cable...
Is it working with Dex now with the new version of Kodi?
Yes, sort of....it opens maximized but still mouse is not working ..have to navigate through the keyboard...
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