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Full Version: mkv plays audio for 3 seconds, no video
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Third attempt. Posting a thread turns out harder than anticipated Smile

Anyways. When I try to play a certain file, I hear audio for three seconds, then nothing. No video is showing but I see in my remote that the file is playing. When I play the same file from the same source on my mac, there's no issue at all. All other files play just fine. I have no clue how to find the problem or how to read any log. Help pls!

I see lots of 10bit hevc mkv videos mentioned.
The Raspberry Pi GPU can only handle 1080p 8bit video properly.
Anything in HEVC 8bit already needs to be software decoded using a pretty high overclock.

Needless to say, your RPi way too underpowered for this complex video type.
Get some proper hardware for viewing 1080p hevc in 10-bit.
Thanks for your answer @Klojum