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Full Version: Edits to guisettings.xml for Fire TV v 1 don't work for some bizarre reason!
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I'm using Kodi 16.1 for Android for Fire TV using the Confluence skin. Since I don't like scraping and categorizing all my media, when playing them I always ever use the 'Files" submenu.  Hence, I don't want any of the other submenus showing, such as Genre, Artists, Albums, on ad infinitum, so I've edited the file "userdata\guisettings.xml" and removed those items I don't want.

Now, that worked perfectly for my Fire TV version 2.  But when I sent the very same file to my Fire TV version 1, the Music submenus stayed stubbornly unchanged!  It still shows all those unwanted submenu entries, such as Artists, Albums, etc etc.!  So I figured I made some kind of mistake in sending the file via adbLink, so I checked the file date and it was correctly set to just a few minutes in the past.  So I pulled the file back using adbLink, and it IS correct -- all those unwanted items are completely gone from the file!  How could they still be showing up?

So I went into the Fire TV settings and force-stopped Kodi, cleared the cache, and tried again.  They were still there.  So I reset the entire Fire TV and tried again.  They were still there!  No matter how many times I check the contents of guisettings.xml and confirm it's correct, no matter how many times I reset either Kodi or the Fire TV, they're always still there!

This seems impossible to me!  Where else can Kodi be obtaining all those unwanted and deleted items?  Note that this process worked perfectly on my Fire TV v2, so what's different about the Fire TV 1 that can be effecting Kodi?

Please help?