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Full Version: Content Scan on folder not working anymore
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since a couple of weeks, maybe since Kodi 17.4 I am missing a function which worked perfectly fine before:

- got my movie files inside folders with the movie name, let's say folder name "A few good men" containing "a_few_good_men.mkv".
- content settings for this folder tree and the actual folder itself are - Directory contains Movies, The Movie Database, Movies are in separate folders ...on, Selected folder contains a single video ... on.
- now with these settings, before, I could select the folder containing the movie, hit info button and the scraper would search for the title and show info. Now it just does nothing ... I have to enter the folder, select the file, press info at least 2 times to get the movie information.

Anyone any ideas? Was this changed in latest Kodi version? Or do I need to adjust settings in any way? As mentioned this worked perfectly fine since a couple of weeks ago ....


Probably what you are experiencing... https://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid...pid2651056