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Full Version: Possible to make *'subscribe to thread w/out receiving email notifications' default?
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Just a quick q,
when I post/reply to a forum thread, it seems to require me to select my preference for subscribing to that thread, each and every time I post.

basically, my preference is to   subscribe to thread without receiving email notifications.

Any way to make that the default saving me from selecting it every time? kind thanks.
you can set your default preference in your user control panel.
in your case, select the 'no notification' option.

each time you'll make a post, you have the option (it's not required) to change the preference just for that thread
Jeez. In investigating that option, I accidentally removed my entire list subscriptions. -no 2nd warning, no cancel/OK.  Just boom, 1 click, gone.

Great Undecided

So I guess I have another suggestion!:
Perhaps we could implement a warning dialog for this action!!? I just lost 40+ thread subscriptions.