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Full Version: How to watch using UPnP
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Hello, I am trying to watch a .mp4 file from an Apple IPad by using the Sybu Kodi app. I have turned on the UPnP options in the settings of the server yet whenever I attempt to launch a video file from my IPad it launches on the computer that is hostingthe server instead of the IPad. I am using Kodi 17.04. Thanks for your help.
Not sure exactly what you are asking. Kodi is not a server, expert in a very limited capacity for upnp. What exactly are you trying to do?
I assume it is this app you've got https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/sybu-for...24653?mt=8

In which case that is an app for using an ios device as an remote control for a Kodi install on another device, it is NOT meant for viewing videos from Kodi. To view videos from your computer using your ipad then you need to either install Kodi on your ipad or find a UPnP player for ios.