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Full Version: 181.fm addon
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This addon used to be found in the banned addons but I believe that site (181.fm) is legal. So my question is "is there a legal addon for 181.fm?"

I use the TuneIn Radio addon (mostly because via TuneIn it syncs across all my devices, Kodi or otherwise), and I just searched for 181 and found about 20 different stations there.

See from this post onwards for the repo: https://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid...pid2149477
Thanks, I'll check it out. Maybe 181.fm is inside it somewhere.
yeah, itd be nice having just a 181 addon!
(2017-11-23, 08:46)falafael Wrote: [ -> ]yeah, itd be nice having just a 181 addon!
I agree.  I have found instances of 181.fm inside the Tunein app and addon but a stand alone addon for 181.fm would be grand.