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Full Version: [Plex for Kodi Extension] Sound problem after fixing framerate problem
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Hello !

Here is the context :
* I've got a Samsung Smart TV (UE46F6400);
* I've got an Android TV Box (Freebox Mini 4K with a A15 dual-core processor 1,5GHz with 2Go RAM - http://www.universfreebox.com/article/29...ur-1-5-GHz) connected to my TV using HDMI (port HDMI1); I'm using Kodi App from official Play Store with the Plex for Kodi plugin;

I had problem playing video fluently : it seemed to be low framerate.

I've enabled the following options in the player settings :
* http://kodi.wiki/view/Settings/Player/Vi...fresh_rate
* http://kodi.wiki/view/Settings/Player/Vi...to_display
And then the video play perfectly (or near, really better than without those options) !

But... because it must have a "but" :x... the sound is now messy :/. There are "blank space/mute time" (dunno how to tell it in english) for aproximatively 1s each 2s. It seems to be the option "Sync playback to display" which generate the problem. But disabling this option and the video problem is coming back.

How can I fix it according to you, please ?
Your Debug Log is missing. Please attach it.
(2017-10-24, 14:08)fritsch Wrote: [ -> ]Your Debug Log is missing. Please attach it.

Hello fritsch,

Sorry for the delay.
I'll get it tonight (GMT +1 Paris) and I'll let you know the result.
(2017-10-24, 14:08)fritsch Wrote: [ -> ]Your Debug Log is missing. Please attach it.

Here is my log : http://paste.ubuntu.com/25818771/

I kinda fix the video problem (without underlying audio problem) : I change the setting of Clear Motion (Motion Plus) on my TV, and it's trully better.
On Kodi I set all default setting except "Player>Video>Adjust display refresh rate" enable.
It's really better than previously. Still some low framerate problem.

The fact is that I think my TV doesn't really support 60Hz for High Definition image (1080p).
But I don't know how to switch to 50Hz (frame settings are locked in Kodi settings).

If you have an idea to make it perfect, that would be great.
Thanks for your help.
No idea about that, please ?
I think that if I could change/harmonize the frequency of all my devices to 50Hz it will probably be better.
But I don't know how I can achieve it :-(...