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Full Version: not recieving email notifications for subscribed threads
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I have subscribed to some threads to email me when there's a new replies but I'm not receiving any emails. I use gmail and theres nothing in my spam etc.
yup thats a known issue since the forum migration.

sometimes the emails are delayed by three days...

we're looking into it.
I can confirm this is still an issue.
user posted message on 23rd October, Just received notification today, 27th.
The list of subscribed threads seems to be missing now too. I can only see the list of threads I personally started. Is it related?
subscribed threads is listed under the 'more' dropdown.
(2017-10-28, 15:24)ronie Wrote: [ -> ]subscribed threads is listed under the 'more' dropdown.

Thanks. It moved. It was in the User Menu last week.