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Full Version: how regenerate all Thumbnails ?
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Hi Guys,

is it possible to regenreate all Thumbnails from my Libary automatically (with an addon?)?
I have a new Tablet, an the reload singly is very very slow...

i have much diskspace, so it's perfect if all Thumbnails are local at the Disk.

Best Regrads from Germany,
Have a look at the http://kodi.wiki/view/Artwork pages. Section 3 may be what you are after
Hi Karellen,

tanks for the answer.

i use on all Devices a SQL-Database. So if have only the Images at the local stoarge.
But my Folder is very Big. So the Copyjob from the Thumbnailfolder is very long and big.

that is why is seach a AddOn or a funktion, to Reload all Thumbnails (only the Images from the URL in the DB) automatically. Smile