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Full Version: install in STB
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1st sorry as i'm new in to Kodi staff, and i appreciate your support in advance. 

1- is Kodi android compatible with android STB?

2- i want KODI with "PVR IPTV Simple Client" installed, is this preloaded in the KODI APK or i need to install it manualy? 

2.1 - if manually are there any way to make it automatically?

3- Kodi Packages for android, what is it? it confused me!
1. Assuming that you mean STB = Set Top Box, then as long as the box is running a compatible version of Android, yes. Kodi v17 requires Android 5 or above.

2. Yes PVR IPTV Simple Client comes already installed, but is not enabled by default.

3. Not sure what you're asking.