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Full Version: Categories > Recently added front of the line?
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This skin is great, I dove into the xml files to make small changes (very small).

on the home page in the widget list i am looking to movie the "recently added" button ( in the top categories list) from the end to the start.

I'm not able to trace the widget flow through the XML files, so I've hit a dead end.

In a perfect world i would like to avoid installing a mod, i find they usually introduce weight to the UI (slowdown)

Any pointers?
The movie categories are now video nodes.  If you go into the skin settings and look at the categories section, there should be an option in there to edit the movie categories.  You'll be prompted to install the Node Editor addon the first time.  After that you'll be brought to a window with a list of all the buttons.  I think if you bring up the context menu on the item you want to move there will be an option called MOVE NODE.  That will bring up a dialog box where you can move the node in the list.  One confusing thing about that last dialog box.  There is no OK button.  So after you move the node you have to use BACK to get out.  That will save the new position.  If you use CANCEL the new position will not be saved.