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Full Version: [Mod] Bello Nero - Leia [reloaded]
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Or add a Landscape background one like madnox with lots of features Smile
Hey Guys how can i change thumbnail view as default view inside video addons?
everytime i try to change myvideonav.xml, i break my views
(2020-02-21, 05:32)djhifi Wrote: [ -> ]
(2020-02-20, 17:49)Kyo* Wrote: [ -> ]
(2020-02-12, 05:49)djhifi Wrote: [ -> ]Normal backgrounds for movies and tv shows. I select them, the title of the supposed background (movie or tv doesnt matter) shows but the background (fanart) doesnt.
I've noticed that when selecting on the Home Menu "movie fanart" or "tv fanart" the titles of the corresponding pictures appear in top left corner (which is awesome) because we can tell what movie/show that fanart belongs to.
The thing is...not all fanart is showing, altough it's still rotating and still showing movie or tv name.

I trying skin out an I am also getting this issue. Tv shows displays fanart correctly but movies seems very random. All my movies are local and correctly named. Some display some do not.
Was there a fix for this.?
Any plans on migrating this to Kodi v19? Its already out


Disregard the question above. I've switched skins to Aeon Nox: SiLVO

It was great while it lasted, but I found something that pleases me more, with feature-rich functions and with support from the community and developer.
Unfortunately, at this point in time I consider Bello to be closer to abandonware than actually a newer version Sad

Thanks for your work Nessus, used Bello for a couple of years until today and loved it.

Time has come to move on.

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