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Full Version: SubtitleDelayPlus/SubtitleDelayMinus actions not working
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Win7 64bit/Kodi 18 win64

On latest nightlies actions subtitledelayplus/subtitledelayminus don't seem to be working. 
What happens when sending these actions through keymap during fullscreenvideo is, the subtitle delay dialog appears, but stays at 0.000, regardless of commands send.
Subtitle delay through the video osd setting does work, but after a few minutes the delay resets back to 0.000. -- I think if SubtitleDelayPlus/SubtitleDelayMinus is sent, the osd setting resets.

Latest working nightly is KodiSetup-20171024-2f0fd5c7a5-master-x64.
Maybe something to do with this pr?
Debug log