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Full Version: Changing movie information
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I just update to last kodi version (on windows), and I can't find anymore the way to change manually movie information for movies.
I use IMDB scrapper, but when it don't take right movie information, how can I change this?
It was easy with previous version (16), but with this version I'm completely lost Sad
I have mainly all default configurations and skin.
Hello @jaaf

Please specify which version you are using. "Latest" is not a version

If you want to rescrape a movie in the library, then use the "Refresh" button in the Movie Information page as shown in the image. It will allow you to choose from a list of similar movies or type in the title you require.

Thanks for your answer!
Now I found "choose art" and "refresh" button. It works!
I use mouse, it's not really easy (maybe impossible ?) to see these button with the mouse Sad

And sorry for "last version", but since Version 17, 'm completely lost, and even can't find exact release version...
The last version is currently 17.5 for Intel machines.
You can verify that in the Settings/System Information page.

And Kodi was not primarily designed for mouse usage,
but mostly for remotes and keyboards (which work faster than with a mouse, btw).
Yes I know mouse was never the main target, but I think it was working better with version 16...

I use a Bluetooth mouse, because it's the more practical way for me to have control on my computer (with kodi), when I'm on my sofa.
I'm not sure I'm the only one in this case.
Great to hear it solved your issue.

Enjoy Smile
Thread marked solved.