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Full Version: Custom Skip times
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I use Kodi to watch NHL. Unfortunately, when watching archived games, there are two types of breaks:

- commercial breaks (01:50 mins)
- intermissions (18:00mins)

Is there a way to set up kodi to have these times to skip forward on a button? I know I can type 0150 and hit the "Right arrow" key. But it would be more comfortable if I could just hit 1 button. 

Also I would like to hide certain things from the overlay when skipping forward. The progress bar and the length of the video. Is this possible?

Also, if all these things would be possible on Android aswell would be the icing on the cake but I can live with the swipes there Smile

Thanks in advance!
Yep thank you. Worked like a charme, I also modified the Skin to have spoiler free hockey games now. Pretty awesome what Kodi can do Smile