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Full Version: KODI Movies DB & Filmotech DB
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Hi All,

I request your help/tips to sort out from the following issue:
- each movies are stored on a QNAP NAS in a separate folder. No internet access so no scrapper can work
- I manage my movies on Filmotech with a mysql DB on the QNAP

I would like to transfert Filmotech DB to KODI. There is a way to export data from filmotech to XMBC but KODI do not operate the import . I have to mention that Filmotech do not contain the path to the movies. Is there a primary key which should be link to the video file ?
However if I put manually the nfo file in the movie folder it's operate fine however I cannot do that for all.

I thought to merge folders from Filmotech export on the QNAP however name are from time to time different so I will mess the movies architecture.
I thought to create a KODI mysql DB in order to import filmotech DB
Nethertheless the path to the movies will not taken into account

Not sure there is a solution.

Please provide the link to Filmotech
Filmotech is easily googleable.

@Axdice you will need to convert the filmotech database schema to the kodi schema. Probably not trivial without filmotech having crucial info like the path.

Perhaps easier to give your server internet access and use a kodi scraper.

Or write a kodi scraper to query the filmotech database.
Which link? 

For sure a scrapper will make the job but not as well as mine in filmotech 😀.
Even if I convert filmotech dB to kodi, path link will not operate as you mentioned
You idea regarding a scraper to query filmotech is great. I look forward