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Full Version: Episodes names are missing with TVDB
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Hello guys,
I have an issue with the TVDB scraper, since a few days the episodes name is missing, like this :

5x22. Tittle
5x23. Tittle
6x01. Tittle

This problem appear with any series and all recent scraps.
Thank you.
Hello Begood

There has been some issues with the TVDB scraper over the last few days. As you have provided no information of value or a debug log all I can do is point you to this thread...

323230 (thread)
Thank you for the link.
With downgrade in 1.8.5 everything work fine.

The problem is known, my language is set to french and if french doesn't exist in TVDB database, when it work fine i get the english metadata and here i get nothing.
Ok good.

Just be aware that the downgrade to v1.8.5 is only a temporary solution as TVDB will be disabling its access in the near future.

Please read this new post for an explanation... 323588 (thread)