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Full Version: Blocked from editing a post
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Whenever i add the word "server" the forum will block me from editing an earlier post. Will full editing the following will be shown:

If using quickedit, no error messages will be shown but the post won't actually be updated.

Apparently using the word "server" triggered the security solution (sic)

server server


I just tested your server problem, but I could not replicate it.  I did a full edit on your post.

I will post this, and then try both a full edit and basic edit.

quick edit server, server "server"

full edit server server "server"
Have just been advised that is an issue with Cloudflare and not the Kodi forum.

There is a thread covering cloudflare issues that you can report in, which the maintainer keeps an eye on... 292731 (thread)

Are you using some sort of Proxy, VPN, TOR, Tails, other...
Hi. I'm using privoxy that's residing on my router running DD-WRT, so not really.
It appears it's no longer blocking the word "server".