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Full Version: Adding all video files from selected source
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First of all thanks for this great tool and apologies if the topic was already discussed, but I can't find a solution to my problem.

I would like to have a Kodi setup on my RPI3 as a player of my private, family videos. I have a large list of private family videos in one of folders, which are not added to the library. As I understood it is because the files are not found by scrapper in the internet database - which is OK as these are my private videos.

I would like to have them added, so I read about naming conventions and I've found that:

"If none of that works, you can create .nfo files for each video by hand so that Kodi will bypass the normal looking online for information about your show. This is the least attractive option, though. It's a lot of work, and it doesn't benefit anyone else the way creating entries on the metadata sites does." 

I do not have .nfo files, also creating them by hand is a painful job, all I want is just add these files to library as-is. So my question is:

Is there a way to force-add all video files from selected source, even if scrapper fails and no .nfo files are associated?

I've seen option in settings called "Extract thumbnail and video information", so ideally it would be that for selected source/folder to let scanner check for scrapping online and if that fails then always add all the files with names as filenames, and thumbnails extracted from video, say a video frame visible at 10th second of video...  is it possible using Kodi? How to achieve this simple scenario?

Thanks in advance!
Hello slajerek

To have entries in the library, a video must be scraped. This can be either from an online source or local nfo files.

The nfo files option is not difficult at all. There is freely available software that will enable you to create them.

In my signature below is a link for NFO Files. It will guide you to create them.
Thanks for quick reply and links. Although this does not answer my question about adding files without NFO Files. I know that I can create NFO Files, just have been wondering if there is an option to skip this step. 

Thus please confirm that such option to force-add videos from source even if NFO Files are missing does not exist. 

Anyway if not, then that would be a valuable option to have. I understand that in most cases we prefer to have movies scrapped properly, but this is specific situation and by reading forums it seems it would fix all that scrapping mystery for newbie users asking "why my movies are missing, I just want to watch them even if name is not nice". 

Summing this up, I think I'll have to create a simple script or a plugin that will allow me to achieve this by creating NFO files for all missing videos, probably based on "Missing Movies" plugin, right? Thank you.
Personally I would just access them via Videos/Files, maybe with a shortcut on the Homescreen. It would save a whole lot of time trying to get them scraped into the Library.
Yes, I understand your point FXB78, but I would like to have it done a "nice way". The RPi3 is being setup also to be used by other members of family and nice thumbnails with file names in a full-screen browser are looking better definitely. The other problem is that I plan to add more files regularly there, so an automated scanner that can achieve this seems a better solution. It's a pity that there's no such simple option available in Settings yet - such thing as "always add videos from source", that adds video with extracted thumbnail even if scrapper fails should be more than enough.

Quote:To have entries in the library, a video must be scraped. This can be either from an online source or local nfo files.
Actually, this should answer your question. But to avoid further confusion...

There is no current method for a user to add non-scraped media to the library.

Please read the following...
260096 (thread)

If you are writing a script, then consider sharing it as an add-on for the wider Kodi community, in the same manner as Kodi has shared the software with you Smile