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Full Version: Error when playing trailer URLs
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When I try to play trailers connected to my movies, the following error occurs:


Beginning at line 932

Playing other videos is no problem. Playing trailers by using addons like "HD-Trailers" is working fine too. Can anybody help me? Sad

Btw. same problem on Windows and Android.

Thanks in advance! Smile
In order to help you with your problem, please provide a full debug log (wiki), uploaded to PasteBin.com and remove the snippet above. It misses a lot of information which is needed to assist with the problem.
Done. Hope that helps! Smile
Hello locomikele

Sorry, does not help. Please add the link Wink
I have edited my original post. Isn't it visible there?

Here again:


Beginning at line 932
Does nobody has an idea? Huh

I just uninstalled Kodi completely with all settings and reinstalled a fresh copy with not a single 3rd Party addon installed. Still the same error... Sad Is it a general problem playing youtube links from the Kodi core? The Youtube-Addon itself seems to work perfectly.
Have you got the youtube addon installed?
Yes, but no matter if it is or not, Kodi (resp. the CVideoPlayer) doesn't play the Youtube trailers linked to the movies in my database and delivers me the same error.
If you have the youtube addon installed, your log doesn't show it.
Maybe, as I have said I have tried it with and without the addon. So the uploaded log file seems to be the one without the addon.

I've run some tests on my own to find the error and I have finally found the reason.

The trailer URLs in my database were plain Youtube-URLs in the format "https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=<ID>". I am writing these values with my own tool instead of using the internal KODI/TheMovieDB scraper. But for KODI to understand what to do with these URLs, they have to be in the format "plugin://plugin.video.youtube/?action=play_video&videoid=<ID>".

Hopefully this can help others from doing the same mistake. ;-) Thank you all for trying to help me! Happy KODIng to everyone.