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Full Version: Detect limited power-option SBC machines for conditional visual elements.
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I'm looking to alter a skin so that I can add a sleep timer that will send CEC command to a TV to turn it off, and that part I'm okay with. I'd rather shut off the TV rather than the machine running Kodi itself because many Single Board Computers like Raspberry Pi and Odroid C2 and the like require manual intervention in the form of a physical power switch or unplugging-plugging of a power source. There is also no "suspend" mode for these machines. So being able to shut off the display itself via CEC is handy.

The problem is that there's no easy way I can tell to determine if you're running one of these machines through the skin in order to create a conditional sleep timer or display power control. Using "system.platform.linux.raspberrypi" only applies to raspberry pi and not Odroid C1/C2, etc. 

As a relative new to skinning, am I just unaware of a way of getting the skin engine to detect something beyond the broad platform categories, or is there something I'm missing?

And if there is no way, should I then create a UI condition and request it be pulled into the main git? This conditional control could then be pulled into skins by skinners looking to spread support for this quick-growing group of platforms.