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Full Version: Showing ratings on the Estuary song list view
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I made a wiki tutorial for editing Estuary for beginners and this was my project:


Estuary_Modification (wiki)

So if any skilled skinners want to take a look at suggest any improvements then please do Smile

Ideally I would like it to show 5 graphical stars (and half stars) instead of the plain yellow text.

I would also like to know how to only show the label if the rating is more > than 0

This is the current code I added, its very simple so far but does the job.

<!-- Custom rating add -->
        <control type="label">
Worked it out myself, or I should rather say I borrowed the code from Aeon Nox Wink



    <!-- Custom rating add stars-->
        <control type="image">
            <!--    <visible>!ListItem.IsParentFolder + String.IsEmpty(ListItem.UserRating)</visible> -->