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Full Version: Single file from folder not in sources.xml shows up in library
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This is really weird. For some reason I have one file showing up in my movie library that's in a folder that isn't one of my sources. I have no idea why this is and how to get rid of it. If I remove it from my library it comes back whenever I scan.

Does anyone have any ideas?
Hello dver19,

Can you post a debug log (wiki) which captures an Update Library and scrapes that movie.
Here is the log but I don't even see anything about the library update near the end of the log (around 20:48 is when I enabled logging in the GUI) :
That log is no good. As you stated, you enabled debug mode at the end for 6 seconds.

You need to enable debug, RESTART KODI, then run an UPDATE LIBRARY.

Also tell us the name of the movie
Let's try this again:

The movie is Inside Out, but from the folder "smb://SERVER/video/movies/fr/animation"
(2017-11-09, 04:11)dover19 Wrote: [ -> ]... "smb://SERVER/video/movies/fr/animation"

Ok, looking at your address (haven't looked at the log yet) where is your Source set to?

Is your source /movies/ ?
I have more than one:
  1. //SERVER/TV/EN/
  2. //SERVER/TV/FR/
  3. //SERVER/video/movies/en/film/
  4. //SERVER/video/movies/bi/film/
  5. //SERVER/video/movies/qc/
  6. //SERVER/video/movies/en/animation/
  7. //SERVER/video/movies/bi/animation/
The reason for this is different profiles that have content either in French only or in both English and French etc. On this profile however, I don't have //SERVER/video/movies/fr/animation/ as a source.
Are you saying that "smb://SERVER/video/movies/fr/animation/" is not a Source you have set? What about all the other movies it is finding in that same source? Are these other movies showing up as well?

Quote:21:08:40.698 T:140572660590336 DEBUG: VideoInfoScanner: No (new) information was found in dir smb://SERVER/video/movies/fr/
21:08:40.749 T:140572660590336 DEBUG: VideoInfoScanner: Skipping dir 'smb://SERVER/video/movies/fr/animation/' due to no change (fasthash)
21:08:40.760 T:140572660590336 DEBUG: VideoInfoScanner: Skipping dir 'smb://SERVER/video/movies/fr/animation/Good Dinosaur, The (2015)/' due to no change (fasthash)
21:08:40.770 T:140572660590336 DEBUG: VideoInfoScanner: Skipping dir 'smb://SERVER/video/movies/fr/animation/Home (2015)/' due to no change (fasthash)
21:08:40.781 T:140572660590336 DEBUG: VideoInfoScanner: Skipping dir 'smb://SERVER/video/movies/fr/animation/Ice Age A Mammoth Christmas (2011)/' due to no change (fasthash)
21:08:40.799 T:140572660590336 DEBUG: VideoInfoScanner: Scanning dir 'smb://SERVER/video/movies/fr/animation/Inside Out (2015)/' as not in the database

But now that you mention profiles, I have heard of this happening before. I'll see if I can find one of the old threads regarding this issue, and see if there was ever a solution for it.
No it's definitely not a source, not on this profile and not on this particular machine. As for those other movies they don't seem to show up, not in French anyway. Perhaps because I already have then in English. For some reason the French version of Inside Out appears as Vice Versa in French, so I guess because the title is different I can have both in my library.