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Full Version: Kodi Playback worse than playback of smart TV player
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Hello Community,

I have a very anoying Problem but first the story. I just bought my first smart TV from LG, the OLED 65C7D, before I used "stupid" back LED TVs with full 1080p support. I used to use a Fire TV stick with Kodi to get my stupid TV smart but now my smart TV provides Amazon, Netflix and youtube and I only miss Kodi on the device. So I bought an android TV Box (Beelink GT1 Ultimate DDR4 3G eMMC 32G, http://www.bee-link.com/Beelink-MiniPC-TV-BOX-61-1.html) to provide Kodi. I already converted my Kodi library to a central library stored in a mysql database on my nas so I can use my old Fire TV stick on my stupid TV in one room and the android TV BOX in the living room with the same synchronized Kodi library. So everything was fine until I figured out that my new TV already connected with my NAS over DLNA and was able to play files here.  
So my problem is this: The same movie looks way better if I play it using the player of my LG TVs. I compared it to the Kodi player. Was same scenes (tested some of them) and the Kodi player always looks worse and the playback was not that smooth as it was with the LG Player.

As I want to use the library of Kodi because its looking and listing is way better than the folder view of the DLNA connection of the smart TV, is there any posibility to let Kodi play the movies using the LG Smart TV Player? I just read a thread in which someone described that he always get asked which player to use but he didn't mention how he "added" the LG player (he was on a PI3 with an LG smart TV). 
I also did not find any information about setting up a default video player in Kodi. I found some information about Upscaling and that Kodi has some problems with it. Is this maybe my problem too?
On the other side the LG player provided a smoother playback than the Kodi player.
Kodi is on Version Krypton and running on an Android TV using Android 7. The Resolution in Android is set to [email protected], The rsolution in Kodi is set to 1080p and can not be changed (gray), as far as I know this setting is only for the Kodi Interface.

Thank you for your help!
Hi Chest0r,

Since the box thats currently running Android seems to be based on amlogic s912, i am wondering if you tried loading libreelec on it if all you want out of the box is kodi-related.

I use it for the stb-like design and it’s butter-smoothness ;-)

No need to replace android for testing, you can boot from an sdcard or usb stick to try it out..

Regards, Atreyu