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Full Version: Kodi 17.4 doesn't play 4:3 3D properly
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I played 4:3 3D movies in early August with 17.3, and they played fine.  With 17.4, they are stretched, and the 3D effect is lost.

I tried installing 17.3, and it still has the problem. I don't understand why it worked before, but not now.
Try changing the view mode when playing them.
Can you elaborate on what you mean by view mode? All my 3D videos use the side by side mode. I've tried the side by side setting and the "same as movie" setting, and it makes no difference. I also tried deleting all files and starting over with a clean install. Still no difference. The 4:3 videos show the full 3D effect if I zoom or stretch them but then the picture is either cropped or distorted. I have no add ons. I can't figure out what might have changed.
Also get us the debug log (wiki) file for more details, who knows what comes up. Smile
Please close this thread.  I discovered that the files were not formatted properly.
Thread marked solved.