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Full Version: Pictures - EXIF not always found
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Hello everyone,

I am kinda new to Kodi and I have a question related to the photo menu.
The EXIF extraction from pictures -taken with the same camera- is really random for me. In some folders, EXIF will be displayed (right click on a picture --> information), but for some other folders only the date and file size will be displayed.
Is there an option to force Kodi to refresh the photo library and search again for those EXIF data ? 
EXIF display option is ticked in the configuration menu.

Thanks for your helps,

Hi there.

Same exact problem here but to me applies to all of my pictures no matter the camera model!
I am seeing file info only (date, file size and location on disk) and nothing else, no EXIF information.
Can anyone help please!
Thank you!

Using 17.6 on Win10 1803.
Tested also on Win 8.1, same business.

Surprisingly, KODI 17.6 installed on Android (NVidia Shield), viewing same pictures, works fine. All EXIF information is displayed.

Is it a bug on Windows or a configuration setting?
'Show EXIF picture information' is ticked in Settings.
(2018-12-05, 10:42)stheofan Wrote: [ -> ]Using 17.6 on Win10 1803.
FYI, Kodi 17.6 receives no more updates. All focus is now on Kodi 18, so you could test the RC2 version and see if EXIF problems are still existing.

Install Kodi 18 and use the portable parameter so it won't affect your current Kodi profile folder. Well, simply back up your current Kodi profile folder, just in case. Smile
Thank you for your reply. I ll try although I have a MySQL installation using 17.6 in all endpoints and hope v18 in one doesn't run the DB. Can I ask if this Picture EXIF issue is a bug in Kodi v17.6 windows version? Because on Android it works fine..
Thanks again for your support.
Had the same issue with Krypton, for me (on my side) its fixed with Kodi 18.
(2018-12-05, 11:16)stheofan Wrote: [ -> ]and hope v18 in one doesn't run the DB.
Kodi 18 will create its own newer database, but will leave any old(er) database it upgrades from alone.
However, Kodi 18 may upgrade some settings in local xml settings files. Hence the tip of using the portable parameter in Kodi 18, so all locally stored data will be kept separate.