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Full Version: Restore after backup does not restore menu structure
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Hi All

I see from previous threads that it is deliberate that restore leaves repositories and add-ons disabled, fair enough I suppose, but my problem is that the menu structure, colour schemes etc under aeon nox silvo are not restored either.

Is there a workaround for this? 

If colour schemes, menu structures, repositories and add-ons are not restored, is there any point to the backup and restore function as it seems to do very little now.
How are you doing your back-up?

If it's the back-up add-on, then you have the option to add additional custom folders to what is backed up, and those can be used to catch items like this. That add-on is fairly old, and if I remember well may not have been updated to account for the new skin storage structure that came in with Krypton.