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Full Version: Kodi v17.6 final: The very last
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We are happy and sad at same time to announce that this will be the last v17.x release.
When we say very last this, of course, only means for the v17 "Krypton" series as we are
steadily heading towards the new v18 series called "Leia".

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Looking forward to v.18 Leia release.  THANK YOU ALL for continuing to donate your time and skills providing such a premium software!
Leia is still in the development stage, isn't it?
Yes, it is still in Alpha stage
looking forward to Leia  17.6 never worked for me
IS there any plan to support 4K HDR 10 windows in Leia
When KODI 18 final version is expected
Hello mbas68

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(2018-01-01, 15:00)mbas68 Wrote: [ -> ]When KODI 18 final version is expected
When it is ready. There is no date.
I am using jarvis 16.1 it working perfectly. but no audio pass-through of 7.1 audios. I updated to kripton 17.6. No pass-through option for dts (not showing) only dolby enabled receiver
most of the videos stucking (stop play, stop play like) no proper sync with audio. some time no video, but sound coming.

If provide any audio/video codec update for 16.1 better. like 4k, 7.1 (dts-X, dolby-atmos, other 7.1 audios like aac). please anybody suggest or help
To all fellow kodi supporters

I've seen several items on YouTube regarding Kodi 18.  Is there an official Kodi 18 version out as of now?  Where would I go to download it?.  Thank you.
(2018-06-28, 20:23)JERZEE GAL Wrote: [ -> ]Is there an official Kodi 18 version out as of now?  Where would I go to download it?. 

News: https://kodi.tv/article/kodi-v18-leia-alpha-2

Downloads: https://kodi.tv/download
hi there, anybody knows why Kodi 18 hasn't been released by now?

and no, I don't want to some arrogant comments like it will be ready when it's ready. 

Mostly the new version comes out at/after Christmas. So why the huge delay?
Yeah, this is frustrating and I have to say I never really understood the Kodi release cycles.

But I also have to say, Kodi 17 just works™, so kudos to the team for that (especially with the shit storm that happens with all the Kodi pirate boxes all around).

Will love you guys forever for all the tremendous work!

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