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Full Version: Edit Decision List Problems
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In a previous thread, wanting to skip commercials in a video, someone suggested using and EDL.  Initially, it seemed to work well, but now it seems to be causing issues.  

I am writing my edl in the MPlayer edl format.  I am using HH:MM:SS.DD (Decimals ONLY when absolutely needed) format (the wiki says that it is accurate to 3 decimal places).  I am using 0 (cut) instead of 3(commercial break) because I saw in a video that using the 3 option may not work right because the system is looking for keyframes.  The file is a .edl file and is properly names and in the same folder with the video file of the same name.  I choose my times to be inclusive of the whole second.  I tried using frame numbers (I have a Mac and I was getting frames from quicktime 7 as the current version does not include the ability to see frame numbers) but that was far worse in terms of accuracy.  I am simply using tabs to shift from [start time] to [end time] to [option] in the list itself.  I am writing it as a plain text file using TextEdit on my Mac.

The video file is an mp4, a recorded screen from the PlayOn service, in 720p.  Their "ad skip" technology puts chapter markers in the video at the start of the commercial and end of the commercial.  The file also seems to include some meta data about the name and episode number of any particular show they record as well (it comes up when the file is opened in quick time even after the name of the file is changed).

I am using Jarvis side loaded on an Amazon Fire TV stick.  I was using a different skin, but went back to confluence.  I doubt that would have any impact regardless.  I have a FiOS router/modem in the house and I am not using the 5 GHz WiFi option available.

The problems are:
  • The video seems to require buffering more often than any other video I play, stopping to buffer every 2 to 10 minutes, and everywhere in between
  • When it gets to a point where the edl should cut the commercials, the commercials play, but the audio and video seem to lose sync (audio will lead video by several seconds OR video will lead audio by several seconds).  I have double checked the file formatting to make sure I didn't accidentally use a semicolon or have the wrong numbers for the times, and that was an issue once, but when I changed the file to the correct information, it had no effect.
  • Kodi will actually crash on some occasions

Any suggestions would be welcome