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Full Version: TV Guide by Tommy Winther permanent down?
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The Danish TV Guide by Tommy Winther has been down now for almost 2 months, and i have been reading on Tommy's fora, that he does not have the time to look into and fix the problem.
He also wrote that the problem was fixed by 3 party members, but this is clearly not the case, some experience the you are not in Denmark error, or as is the case with me no Channels are loaded when clicking a channel, and just a quick word this is no illegal or what ever in Denmark we pay a yearly license fee and in return we are able to watch 1080p 5.1 surround TV using a browser or in this case with Tommy Winthers Danish add-ons DR NU, Danish live tv and so on, but the add-on has not worked for almost 2 months and Tommy only reply has been i saw this on his forum that he does not have the time to fix it and that the problem was fixed by 3 party, i personally do not feel very safe in dl a add-on not fixed by Tommy himself but by 3 party, but i take it that any updates to add-ons are still screened by the excellent team behind Kodi known as Team Kodi or how does this work could it be possible to upload a updated version of the Danish add-ons but the fix was not mad by author himself but by some 3 party i would very much like to know who these people are who "fixed" the broken Danish add-ons mailed it to Tommy who then uploaded it to the Kodi repo and then every Danish user with the problem updated the Add-on but in fact Tommy has not "fixed" anything since 2014 because he has other stuff and i have seen so called work arounds by some users on his site but they seem to break every rule in the "book" so has anyone a "legal" fix for the Danish add-ons not working i do not much care for 3 party solution pushed as if they came from Tommy because sure he has said thank you and cleared them on his site but if he is so busy as not even to fix his add-ons how much of the code did he look at before stamping it with the OK and pushing it to kodi repo.
If my question is unclear please ask me to clarify Thank You
Your options seem to be to fix it yourself or accept someone else's code.
Thank you nickr for your fast reply and thank you Lunatixz for the link
I have a final question if anyone should happen to read this can someone tell me what this word means ----> concatenate <----- this is a OT question but did not want to make a new post just to ask its from my log and line looks like this
20:12:37.151 T:8140   ERROR: Skin Helper Service --> Exception in resources.lib.kodi_monitor ! --> cannot concatenate 'str' and 'list' objects
but i do not know the meaning of the word, anyway its OT so no need to answer, and i consider my question to my org post solved and answered.
Thank you nickr and Lunatixz
After i updated to 17.06 the error above has vanished, i tried to reproduce it but seems the update fixed it, also again able to view my Danish Channels i just have to load them from another add-on so marking as SOLVED
and posting my recent log if anyone wants to read it have no question so its purely for your entertainment if you like reading logs
(2017-11-18, 03:29)Karellen Wrote: [ -> ]Hello kimkl

Concatenate = https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Concatenation
 Thank you for the link, i can't pronounce the word but at least i now know the meaning Thank You Karrellen.