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Full Version: Library view from main menu?
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is there a way to edit the following home.xml code so that, for example, movie files that i have in directory h:/action/ are displayed in library view format (for example view_51_poster view) when i hover over a home menu button/title as opposed to the widget view?

was hoping that i could change <include content="widgetposter" to content="view_51_poster" or content="myvideonav" the like to get the view i want and then change the "content_path" value to point to my h:/action/ directory, but nothing i try seems to work.

[syntax]<control type="group" id="19000">

<include content="Visible_Right_Delayed">
<param name="id" value="custom"/>

<control type="grouplist" id="19001">

<include content="WidgetListPoster" condition="Library.HasContent(movies)">
<param name="content_path" value="special://skin/playlists/action.xsp"/>
<param name="widget_header" value="$LOCALIZE[20386]"/>
<param name="widget_target" value="videos"/>
<param name="list_id" value="5700"/>