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Full Version: My local Video / Movie folders are being renamed automatically with incorrect names &
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I have been compiling a number of my movies over the years and have them on multiple local servers/hard drives... as of a few days ago a third of my database had been renamed to “Benny’s video” and the thumbnails all have the Benny’s video pic on them... this is very troubling because I no longer know what those movies are unless I read the link at the top of the page with the location of the file it’s showing.... I tried clearing my video library in the kodi video setting and rescanning and the same results keep showing up. If I go into each server via windows OS the file names are all correct/ unaffected... can someone PLEASE HELP ME solve this problem... I’m seeing Years of hard work being corrupted
In order to help you with your problem, please provide a debug log (wiki).
This is my kodi log file showing a 3rd of my network movie library changed to the wrong thumbnails & name I hope this helps in correcting of this problem
The forum moderators have determined that banned addons (wiki) are present on your system. To receive assistance here, these banned items must be removed. If a clean log is not submitted within 3 days, then the relevant post(s) will be removed after this time.
I’m very sorry for having banned Add ons and I will remove them ASAP !!! As I am not well versed in kodi and wish to remain a member of this forum I will resubmit an updated kodi log when I complete the required task
No problems.

With the sheer amount of repositories installed, it will be extremely difficult to undo all the changes made by those add-ons. You might have to start again with a Fresh Install.
That's not a log file.
(2017-11-18, 22:07)Hal4000 Wrote: [ -> ]As I am not well versed in kodi
Seems you have become more than versed enough in Kodi with that amount of banned add-ons. It's about the longest list I've seen to date. Smile
If you did do a total clean setup, the problem will have gone away. Running banned addons can have nasty hidden and virus-like side effects, and one of those you have now encountered. And if indeed a third of your videos have been renamed (hopefully in the database only and not on your file server(s)...), then it's best to delete your video database, and start over with the rescraping of your collection.

Even with Kodi, it's good to make backups of settings and databases from time to time.
This is a picture of my local network movies


NOTE the screen shot is after a full deletion and reinstall of kodi with NO add ons installed
(2017-11-18, 23:40)Hal4000 Wrote: [ -> ]NOTE the screen shot is after a full deletion and reinstall of kodi with NO add ons installed
Did you also remove the kodi profile folder where all local databases reside in the userdata/Database subdirectory?
Otherwise you may have reinstalled Kodi, but left the Kodi data folder untouched, keeping the databases.
Also, double check if the contents of your diskstation NAS is still intact.

I have seen that issue before and it is indicative of incorrectly set sources. I assume all those affected movies use the preserved DVD structure- VIDEO_ts format?
Yes kodi was completely uninstalled and i manually added back the multiple networked hard drives and did a new scan.
also i looked at each hard drives contents and ALL the movies and videos affected still have the ORIGINAL FOLDER  & FILE NAMES !!!
please note nothing outside of kodi itself seems out of the ordinary
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