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Full Version: [Movie Sets] Description / Overview not shown
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Movie Sets, movie set artwork and Extended Artwork are working fine here, apart from the movie set synopsis, which is not shown. 
Neither appears a list of the movies which are part of the set, I just get a 'blank' screen where normally the description appears. 

What I have done until now: 
- run the Movie Set Artwork Automator several times
- verified that each movie (resp. its nfo-files) of the movie set has got metadata (<set>, <name> and <overview> tag)
- tried two different skins (Confluence and Titan), no one shows the movie set description
- deleted the whole mysql-video database (mariadb) and created it completely new

It has worked in the past on the same computer, but since several months I can't get it working again and I would like to avoid to install Kodi (or the Titan skin) from the scratch. 
On another computer I installed a new, pure Kodi installation and it works fine there, accessing the same mysql-database as the htpc does. 

Where are the descriptions of the movie sets stored ? Maybe there's anything like a cache I have to delete ? Or any other ideas ? 
(Kodi 16.1 Jarvis)
(2017-11-18, 19:30)malvinas2 Wrote: [ -> ]Where are the descriptions of the movie sets stored ? Maybe there's anything like a cache I have to delete ? Or any other ideas ? 
There is only the 'sets' database table in the video database, which holds an id field and a single title as a name/description. An overview text is not stored in the Kodi video database.

(2017-11-18, 19:30)malvinas2 Wrote: [ -> ](Kodi 16.1 Jarvis)
We just finished last of releases (v17.6) for the Krypton builds. Our focus now is on Kodi 18 named Leia. Nothing will be done with Kodi 16 Jarvis releases.
Move Sets overview is stored in the MyVideosxxx.db database in the table Sets. The field is strOverview

There are skins that show it as I have seen it previously but its not something I take note of so don't recall which skin it was I was using at the time.

In case you haven't seen it, there is a wiki page for MovieSets. LInk is in my signature below.
I just checked my skin in use.

Transparency! skin, using Fanart view of Movie Sets will display Movie Set Overview.

Also, Movie Set Overview is not scraped. It is added locally via nfo files.
Crap.. I totally overlooked that overview field with a quick look. Probably because there is no content in that field whatsoever in my video database. Sowwy. Smile
Yeah, it is because it is not scraped and the info has to be added locally, so most users see it empty and think it is another unused field in the database.
Thank you both for your answers. 
Well, so something must have gone wrong with my skin, the easiest solution will be to reinstall it. 

Would it make sense to ask to add this field to the database as a feature request ? 

P.S.: I am aware of the newest 17.6, but for several reasons I did not change to Krypton and quite probably I will skip this version completely. 
No. It is already there. Read my previous post which gives the exact location of the field