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Full Version: Last played position
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does anyone also have problems with the last played position?
I'm using the DVBlink-Addon with Kodi 18 on my Andriod Nvidia Shield, the server is running on a windows box that also serves as a NAS.
Until a few weeks ago it worked fine and remembered the last position, now I only does so until I exit the recordings section or the directory of a series.
When exiting, the "half played" icon of the recording item changes into the "new" bubble and if I start the recording it doesn't ask to resume, it just playes from the beginning.
When I access the recordings directly via network share (samba) it rememberes fine, so the problem is not with kodi itself.
What could that be? Is it a bug in the addon or does it have to do with the new API in v18? (Which never seems to exit the alpha stage - im only using it because there is a estuary skin mod available...)

Just ran some additional tests on this windows machine here:

Kodi 18 --> also doesn't remember
Kodi 17 --> works
Kodi 18 is still in pre-alpha stage, so anything can happen bug-wise.
Just know that Kodi 17 and 18 are using different databases.