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Full Version: Cinemavision and Callbacks Addon
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I recently installed cinemavision to my kodi and it was amazing. Previously I used XMBC Callbacks addon, in which I wrote a script to play background music while starting kodi and when playback has been stopped. This enabled me to play background music as soon as I start Kodi and browse for movies with the music playing in the background and after the playback has been over the script will once again run to play the background music. I used a python script in which I specified a folder with different BGM's in it and the script will play it in any random order one after the other. Now after installing cinemavision, when starting Kodi the callbacks addon kicks in to play BGM till I select a movie. After the movie is finished playing in cinemavision the callbacks addon does not work and I end up without BGM. Could anyone help me in getting the BGM to play. Thanks in advance.