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Full Version: libreelec/Kodi/Emulationstation & Roms on SD Card problem
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Hello everyone new to the forums and need a little help.

A week ago i picked up a Emulation box (model:z69 tv box) on ebay which i thought at first was a Raspberry pie set up but after digging i realised it was a libreelec/Kodi/Emulationstation setup which wasn't bad as it does what i needed and that's have a emulation system. Anyway i have ran into a problem i need help with and can't figure it out.

2 nights ago whilst copying some more roms to an SD card i had a power failure whilst copying so of course it corrupted the SD card and i had no choice but to reformat the card (i had already back up the roms on the SD card so was safe on that end). When formatting i gave it the name ZBOX4 which was what the name of the SD card was before it was formatted and on the SD card i just re copied over the .roms folder. All went well but once i reloaded the box up emulationstation is missing all of the emulators which of course points to the fact it can't find any roms even though the .roms folder is on the SD card and the card is named what it was before it was formatted.

So the question is after lots of poking around i have no idea how to get the roms to re show back up, does anyone have any idea how to get the emulators to re show up??

I got a basic idea that i may need to re point towards the .rom directory in a config file, re mount the SD card in a specific place or something on them lines but i can't work out how to do it. Any ideas and help would be great.

Also i did check out the emulation station forum and it don't exist and this is just a libreelec/Kodi/Emulationstation set up so no pie involved

Cheers. Smile