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Full Version: libre-elec intel nuc6cayh HEVC 4k playback artifacts
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Hey I am facing an issue with my intel nuc6cayh when playing back 4K HEVC videos, The issue is that following artifacts are appearing https://i.imgur.com/qevgQII.jpg (picture is not mine, on my unit there are actually 3-4 different areas that are blinking with this effect).

this does not affect all HEVC 4k content... only some. Here are the examples that are affected:

here is one that is not affected but still 4K HEVC: 

all 3 movies are playing back with vaapi-bob.

The only difference I can find is the mkvmerge version used to create these files but I cant find anything in the changelog of the program that would help narrow down this problem. 

I have seen suggested in other posts that this is caused by having enabled enhancement under Video Settings in Intel HD Graphic Control Panel but this seems to be only the issue on windows. 

Running libre elec  8.2.0 with kodi 1.7.5 

Here are some logs I dont know if they will help anything. 

The unit have this under the hood: 
CPU: Intel Celeron J3455 CPU, quad-core, 1.5 GHz (2.3 GHz burst), 10W TDP
GPU: Intel HD Graphics 500, 12 EUs, 250 MHz base frequency, up to 750 MHz

Thanks for the help
First upgrade to LibreELEC 8.2.1 (kodi 17.6) first, then get us a proper full debug log (wiki). Images with half-baked video codec info is not really usefull.
Also if you want to use screenshots, simply press the PrtScn on your keyboard, and look in the screenshots folder. Smile
Sorry for the late reply. https://pastebin.com/gtc4qdrH Here are the logs. I dont know what activities I should do to populate the logs properly. Here are the actual screenshots of the effect. 

You play hevc-10 bit on a patched LibreELEC version of kodi 17.6 - please reproduce your issues with a Milhouse nightly.
I put on the latest milhouse nightly build and all the videos play amazing. Will try to use it for a while in hope that nothing serious is broken otherwise I will wait for a stable build. Thanks for the help
Remember: HEVC-10 bit support NEVER came into 17.6 - it's custom patched. It was a proof of concept to begin with, that made it into production. It worked okayish, but was never intended by the original author. Also I think most yuv matrices needed to are not in there at all...
I just realized that HDR is not supported under linux on my machine. Not sure if kodi supports it at all. Good to know at least Smile