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Full Version: Node Editor Exclusions Help Request
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I've been playing around with the Node Editor to split up my Video Library. Specifically I've made a new node that pulls all my Stand Up comedy "movies" into it's own node by using a Path Rule, and that works perfectly!

What doesn't work though, is when I try to exclude this path from my normal Movie library. I've tried all sorts of combinations of "does not contain" and "is not" and using both keywords and the entire path directory to my stand-up comedy folder. No matter what I try, those Comedy movies still show up in my regular movie library. I've tried applying the rules to the parent node "(1) Movies >" as well as the individual node "(2) Title"

Path for Stand-Up Comedy movies:
/storage/READYSHARE/Seagate Backup Plus/Movies/Comedy

The Movies folder is where the rest of my content is.

Any ideas why the exclusion won't work?
(2017-11-26, 02:11)Azurespecter Wrote: [ -> ] 
Anybody got any ideas on this one?