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Full Version: Amber with plexbmc. How to change default action for TV Shows click
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amber with plexbmc is great!

i am using a fire tv stick v2. with kodi 17.6 

when i click on tv shows on the home menu, it opens up a list composed of the submenu items and 'all' and a few other choices.  unfortunetly, there if i select 'all', there is no option to sort by date added.  at first i thought this just wasnt possible with amber, but if i use the yatse android remote and i select the tv button, it opens all tv shows sorted by date added! this is perfect! (i think this comes from my settings from the skin i was using before).  How can i get the same function with amber without using yatse? 

also amber on jarvis on my pc with plexbmc has 'recently viewed tv shows' as a submenu item, and that is extremely useful. but on the fire stick with 17, that does not exist, instead there is a submenu item, 'recently viewed episodes' which is completely useless.  is there a way to change this? 

all ideas and comments welcome, thanks!