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Full Version: Google Drive for KODI
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I'm trying to set up the Google Drive addon on a Win7 (32 bit) HTPC. Kodi version is 17.6, addon version is 1.01 (downloaded from Github). When adding the account, I get an error message: Unable to retrieve owner information: urlopen error [SSL: CERTIFICATE_VERIFY_FAILED] ssl.c:661

I was able to set up the addon on a different PC running Win7 (64 bit) and the same Kodi and addon versions.

I'd appreciate suggestions on what can cause the certificate failure on the first PC.

@edkedk that error is usually an issue with your python installation. Make sure you have the latest version (2.7.15) and if that doesn't resolve the issue install all the trusted certificates with pip. I don't remember the command but you can google it.
Also, you can get the latest version of my addon if you install my repository: https://github.com/cguZZman/repository.plugins
Excellent my friend

I think something wasnt working, but it did fix by itself...

I'm going to try to check it out as source... Smile
Installing the latest version of Python did not help. Nor did removing and reinstalling Kodi. In the end, I disabled certificate verification by setting the PYTHONHTTPSVERIFY environment variable to 0 and I was able to add the account.
(2018-05-17, 06:59)FunkyKong Wrote: [ -> ]
(2018-05-17, 06:08)FunkyKong Wrote: [ -> ]I am getting an error everytime I play a movie, but the second time I ciick play it works.
 Google Drive

Something went wrong with this operation.

Please try again later. 

This happens when playing video files with the Google Add On    

I have messaged you the log file

Edit: Logfile
@FunkyKong update your plugins to the newest version. Just install my repository and try again.
(2018-05-24, 16:25)cguZZMan Wrote: [ -> ]@FunkyKong update your plugins to the newest version. Just install my repository and try again.
 Thank you again, I must of been using an old version which is weird as I downloaded the zip from a link within this thread a few pages back.
Good afternoon!
Tell me please how to open access to the files, open the folder with the music, and there is empty, how to configure the plugin to see the files.
Sorry for my English.
@vansai your music folder is empty because you accessed your account through the Video addons menu.
Just make sure you open the addon from the Music addons menu.
When i try to autheticate, i have the folowing message :La fonctionnalité "Se connecter avec Google" a été désactivée temporairement pour cette applicationCette application n'a pas encore été validée par Google et ne peut pas bénéficier de la fonctionnalité Google Sign-In.

It seems that Google as disable the sign in with your app.

Do you know that ?

Unable to add account
The heroku website gives error , the app has temporarily disable by Google
@jpsuter @Solaris7 The app has been temporarily disabled to add new users. Only current users will be allowed.
I'm working on the verification of the app so the sign-in for new users can be restored.
Currently new user can not add account so can not use this addon now. If I have my own OAuth2 consumer secret for google account, can I use this one for add account?

And also, how can I use this addon with KODI headless? Just copy the configuration form PC?
@woomg sure you can.
You just need to clone the login server from GitHub, compile it and run it. It runs with java and can be build with maven.
You need to pass your clientid and secret as environment variables when you run the server.
Also you would need to modify the value of __api_url from the file plugin.googledrive/resources/lib/provider/googledrive.py to point to your server.
I will try to put some documentation in github to easy the process for those who want to implement their own login server. 

I haven't tested it with a headless kodi but, yes, coping the addon_data for the addon (which includes your configuration) should be enough.
Please kindly let me know once new users can use this great addon!