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Full Version: Google Drive for KODI
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(2018-06-03, 19:48)thepagal Wrote: [ -> ]For people trying to do the verification step: Use Firefox on your phone for this step. For some reason it works
Did not work here on pc or mobile 😥😟😱😭😭😭😭
People, you just need to wait.
I've been in contact with the google verification team and the review is going well. Still in progress tho.
I'll give you another update at the end of the week.
Hi everybody. Good news: The addon has been verified by google Cool
You can start adding accounts again and without the warning message.
Thanks for the update. For those of us with large libraries can something be done to speed up the scanning it does on all the files?  The addon has been scanning at least 10 minutes all my files
Will not except code.
Playback issues for me. Fies from my browser will play fine. Nothing from the addon .
@keithcq71 Always post your log file to report an issue.

@Ebony57 Make sure you are introducing your code in the correct login page. The popup with the code will tell you the URL where you should go. Also make sure your kodi device is in the same wifi network as your laptop or phone where you are trying to do the login.
thank you, i tried 2days ago and it was working fine without the warning Smile
I am unable to add my account in google drive. I am getting "Unknown Error 404. Please try again" when i try to add an account.

Following is the log file link.

Please help.
@naveen_t_s looks like your internet provider changes your ip address very often even when you are browsing.
This is a problem for you because the authentication server, to be able to give to Kodi the token it needs to access google drive, requires the same ip address who requested the pin. This is for security reason.

Try to do the login process as quick as you can. Have the login page ready before you select the option to add an account and then hurry up to complete the login.
Other thing you could try is to move your kodi temporary to a different ISP/network and do the login there, and after that the change of ip wont affect when you come back to your isp/network.
Hi @cguZZMan  This plugin really looks interesting.
I'm facing a problem, don't know where could be the problem. Using your repo with latest version.

I linked the add on with my Drive. I can browse and play content from the add on. I exported a strm. Now I want to add this strm to my local Kodi TV Shows library. I add it from Video, set content to TV Shows, but nothing is added to my TV Shows library. It scans, but the two shows I have inside doesn't show up in the library. Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?

It might be because the scraper isn't recognizing the TV show files. I think the folder structure has to be in the format of TV show/season#/S00E00___.ext 

At least that's what my problem was. Might be something different

First of all, thank you so much for the addon!

I have two questions.

1) The streaming, is from the full source or from the Google Drive encoded video?

2) Where is the storage of the folder? I mean, it uses some folder on the SD or it's all on ram? Because maybe a full 50GB video can have some problems in this scenario.

Thank you!!
@gurabli it's like @thepagal says. You need to structure your folders in the format kodi requires. You can take a look to this page: https://kodi.wiki/view/Naming_video_files/TV_shows

@clopezi it's the full source by default and it can ask you to select another format if you turn it on in the settings.
There is no storage folder. Nothing is downloaded. Everything is streamed.