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Full Version: Google Drive for KODI
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@TuroMexico always post your message with your debug log file: Log_file/Easy (wiki)
Does this have automatic strm creation when new files are added to my google drive?
@keithcq71 that's included in the next release update this week.
(2018-07-22, 00:27)cguZZMan Wrote: [ -> ]@keithcq71 that's included in the next release update this week.
 OK that would be awesome. When I create strm , it fixes the order issue when added to Kodi
Awesome. Eagerly waiting for the update.
@cguZZMan Quick question, I'm wanting to improve your addon and I noticed you are using "get_video_info" to get the different resolutions for a specific video.  Doing a little research, I was unable to find any api for that.  Could you tell me how you found to use "get_video_info" to grab that information?
@raycekar there is no api for that url. I first noticed the player in google drive is the same as youtube, so I searched for resolution apis for youtube or google drive and found out the get_video_info url. After that everything was more about testing the response of the url and at the same time checking how the different youtube downloaders out there are using the response.
hi, i recently downloaded your add on.
i can see my folders now.
my friend had shared his google team drive and it is now visible on a browser below my drive. but i can't find it on the google drive add on.
is that a restriction that we cannot see my friends linked drive in addon?

sorted - i was on v1.0.0 found it on v1.2 
its all fine on kodi.

but on spmc i can add your repository but can't see addon within the repository, video addon folder is empty on spmc.
@bittihuduga I'm not sure what the problem would be with spmc. Did you test it with Kodi? is spmc based on Kodi 17?
When I create strm files ,Kodi is scanning the strm but nothing is being created in some files . In the past when I created strm everything worked.
@keithcq71 post always your debug log file.
Just one question, @cguZZMan  is there a way to change the streaming to "Auto" just in case the source is too big or the internet too slow (just like YouTube and Netflix does)??

I know the best is to watch the movie directly without transcoding, but if Im using my laptop and a 4G connection, the thing goes a bit nuts sometimes Smile
There is no auto. You can select the transcoding resolution manually.
Hello, I noticed the subtitles are missing when using Google drive as source, so I read your comment about using it as a .strm instead. It all seemed to work just fine until I realized that the resume option is not working this way. Everytime I play an item it starts from the beginning even if there's a resume point detected. Is there a way to fix this? Or have you found a way to fix the subtitles using Google drive as a source? I love your plugin and thank you for your hard work!
@Xaviero I'll check the resume play issue. Sounds related to the issue that an strm file imported to the library doesn't get marked as watched. Not an issue by itself, that's how Kodi works with .strm files. Anyway I'll take a look.
The subtitles using the drive as a source is still pending.
I'm currently working on the automatic strm exports. After that, we'll see.