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Full Version: Google Drive for KODI
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(2018-08-02, 21:57)cguZZMan Wrote: [ -> ]@olympus well, that confirm what I though, it's a kodi issue.
Yes, that's the page I meant. But now I think you could ask Kodi team about it first. Looks like they are implementing some features in Leia that didn't work before with strm.

@cguZZMan I am not familiar with github at all, but I will try to make a ticket about strms on kodi's github.
Even if local subs and resume points won't work eventually on Leia, I am happy that information during playback and mark as watched work.
These are the most important, for example local subs is not so vital because cloud subs work.
Keep up the good work @cguZZMan, this is a great addon.
Searching. I found an information that kodi, le art for strm files.
    By doing so, check with the dev team what is needed.

   Or am I wrong? I really need the kodi player, identify that it is a movie ..... I have automoes based on this characteristics.

see a type of 2016, where this problem was already discussed.

@cguZZMan When selecting the strm file that contains "plugin://plugin.googledrive/?action=play&item_id=<someID>&item_driveid=<somenumber>&driveid=<someNumber>&content_type=video", what script gets ran by kodi?  I can't figure out what is being called and I have referred to https://kodi.wiki/view/Audio-video_add-on_tutorial and was unable to get very far.

EDIT: I think I finally figured out the flow, in addon.xml, you have Library attribute that points to addon.py and when the strm file is selected, it calls addon.py which then routes up to the clouddrive.common where you then handle the playback.  So I think I'm good now
@iorifly yes, you can save to a network drive. Basically in whatever Kodi determines as writable folder.

@olympus yea, cloud subtitles works just fine. That's the point of the addon at the end, to have all streamed from the cloud. But will keep it in mind in case a solution shows up.

@raycekar the play script is in the common module https://github.com/cguZZman/script.modul...ive.common. More specifically here.
The Google Drive addon is just an extension of the common module which has all the common things that all the cloud drives have. In that way the Google Drive addon has to do only those things that are unique in Google Drive like calling the Google API or other things that only Google Drive has in comparison with others (like OneDrive or Dropbox for example).
Updated Log File: http://paste.kodi.tv/ukoputayub

I'm currently attempting to play episodes from a TV series I uploaded to Google. I'm able to get a smaller video of an amusing rant to play, but not my desired show. There are stills of each episode that show within Kodi. I'm able to play the episodes directly from Google Drive on my phone as well.

Please help.
@JusticeBringer I can't see the errors in the logs.
After you enable the debug mode, restart your kodi and then try again and then upload the log. Looks like you didn't restart your kodi.
But before, in the same menu where you enable the debug logging, I need you to activate the option "Enable component-specific logging" and then in the "Specify component-specific logging" option select the Verbose for the libcURL library.
Any ETA on the auto strm/auto update, update? Big Grin
It's been more work that I expected but I'm still working on it. I don't want to give another ETA, but it's the next thing to be released.
If you need anyone to test it out for you. Let me know.
@cguZZMan I uploaded the new log file and added audio data as well just in case.
everything is great ! thx develop this addon
I have this problem to access the Google Photo

@JusticeBringer Google is rejecting the petition to your video. It usually happens when your account is shared or the video is shared. Is this your case? Can you try playing the video thru the addon navigation? Also enable the transcoding option to see if that works.

@hozaizai thanks for the notice. Looks like Google just changed the required permission to access Google Photos. I'll request the new permission with them and will post a message when is done. It could take some weeks to get an answer.
tHANKS for your work. 


Waiting for next update
Thank you again... The add-on is working great. Just wanted to share an observation I made.

I like to use trakt to keep the progress synced on cloud.

When I use the stream method.... the videos played from library are not scrobbled with trakt.

Although when I use the source mode method... the video from library intertwined with trakt fine.

I am not sure if this the add-on or Kodi itself.
@vab.patel The addon doesn't handle any tracking of progress or resume points right now. So it's probably a Kodi or Trakt issue. 
It's in the plan to address those issues later or at least try to find a workaround. But no ETA.